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To help navigate this site, the menu bar is always available at the top - click on the buttons.  The links under Ancestors open new web pages with exciting databases to explore!  Note that the details for all living individuals have been suppressed. When you're finished, just close the web page and you are back to the main site!

Click on the Narratives button and searchable documents will load. Same for Memoirs.  Patience ... some of the documents are large!


In the Photos section, put your mouse over the pictures and left-right navigation arrows will appear so you can flip through items quickly.  You can also click on a picture or document to make it full size and when you do, left-right navigation arrows will appear again.

Thanks to Heather Sherlock, the site now has a map (click Maps & Charts) that provides the different locations where William Joseph Maloney, James John Condon, Marie-Agnes-Germaine Carriere, and Elizabeth Clara Salamon and their ancestors lived.  Each layer is a different colour and represents a different ancestor's family line.  Heather plans to expand the map - if you have ideas or pictures to add, please contact Heather!


Please remember that this is a family site.  To protect our personal information, please do not share the password.  Also, visit often, especially to keep an eye on updates to the Blog! 

I think that almost everyone who will have access to this site knows the origin of "Macorema". But, in case there are some who don't, this term was introduced in the 1970s when our family began having group camping vacations and wanted a  name for our "camps".  It was formed from the names of the four (at that time) married siblings.  Thus MA(loney) CO(ndon) RE(idy) MA(duck).

Have fun everyone! And please be patient as we get all the kinks worked out--the site is still evolving!

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