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  • Genealogy is cool and all, but if you really came here looking for one of Jim's Caesars, click here.

  • At the "Macorema" party held at the Reidy home in Moose Jaw, it somehow seemed like a good idea to make some resolutions!  One we all seemed to share was to lose weight … so that is how this contest happened…

  • EXPO 1986!  A MACOREMA camping trip was planned for 1986, but when a Regina to Vancouver train trip was advertised, everyone got on board!

  • The Vase!!  'Donna, the kindest thing you could do to that vase is to drop it!'  And yet ...

  • One of Joanne's Legacy projects was compiling a cookbook of favourite recipes from several family members. She didn't tell anyone (except Brian) that she was doing this, and surprised us all at Christmas 2006 with a personalized copy.

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